Sunday, August 26, 2012



If there is one thing that I've learned in my short twenty-one years, it's that people are going to break your heart. Over and over it will be shattered. Then you'll feel as if there is no way that such a crippled little thing could still be pumping blood. But miraculously it continues, and through the aches you are still living. I'm not just talking about romantic relationships. I'm talking about all sorts of people. Your closest friends. Your family. The tragedies going on in the world around you.

Sometimes though, and just sometimes. People pull through. And even though they broke your heart because inevitably they will. Once in a while there is that friend or love or family member who is going to do what it takes to stay a part of your life because they do care. Sometimes that doesn't happen, and although we wish with all our might things could be how they were. They won't be and it's important to move forward. I love the story in the Bible about The Pillar of Salt. I think it's completely relevant to our lives. There are some people and although I hate to say it because I'm a strong believer in salvaging any and all friendships, that you have to let go of completely and never look back. For fear of turning into a Pillar of Salt your self. Useless in the hands of the Lord. Useless to yourself. Useless to all of those around you that want and need to be a part of your life right now.

I think that it’s important for women to realize that even after major heartache and heartbreaks that we can pick ourselves back up. That our self-worth is not any lower than it was before. That we are still strong and beautiful.  Even if someone didn’t love us like we thought that they should.  Our Savior still loves us regardless. Always and forever.  Remember that everything has a time and a purpose.

So when you do have those treasured people who stick it out then appreciate them. Let them know that you love them. They are truly the ones who you should hold onto until the end of time. But when there are those who are the heart-breakers and can't seem to fall out of that vicious cycle. Let them go. Forever they will have left their impression on your heart, sometimes even a scar. But let it heal, don't reopen the wound. Don't look back.

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