Thursday, August 16, 2012



I was bullied since the age of 4 about my looks and my weight, it use to bother me alot I'd come home from school in tears sometimes i would refuse to go because it was so hurtful.

As I got older, the bullying got worse and I tried ways of blocking it out. When i'd finally managed to lose weight at 14 I had some medical issues and was put on 16 steroid tablets a day for 9 months

while the weight loss i then put on was not my fault the world didn't choose to acknowledge that I was just the fat girl again.

Even now I still have nasty names yelled out at me on the street, the other month a guy followed me for 10 minutes just to shout out to the whole street how fat and ugly I was.

It shook me a bit and I got to thinking and after praying and pondering I found an old video by dove. I realized then that this was me, it didn't matter what I looked like the world's view on beauty would continue to change.

Even models who are supposed to be the epitome of beauty are not perfect enough for the world, they are constantly demanded to lose weight, those in photo shoots have hours spent on them covering them in make up and styling their hair just to then be paint brushed thinner or taller through a computer. World Beauty has no solid standards.

Why should the world tell me how I should look, dress and act to be considered beautiful? There are things I am unhappy with in myself and I'll change those because I want to, but I will not stop being who I am nor will I lower my standards or my eternal worth as a Daughter of God.

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