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A few summers ago I was going through a huge box of old papers, cards and odds and ends. I came across a little book I had gotten from an “American Girl” Magazine years before. It was a book that you filled in with your current likes, future hopes, etc. One of the questions was “What do you want to be when you are older?” And my response around the age of 12 was “I want to be thin.” Reading that in my young twenties broke my heart! I wish that kids did not have to grow up in a society that puts such a focus on weight and appearance and that kids could be kids!
As I have gotten older I have learned to love my body and who I am. It has been a long road to get to where I am but it has been worth it. One thing you have to remember is do not give up on yourself. No matter if it’s achieving your goals or learning to love yourself. Because you can do hard things!
The way I learned to love my body was realizing the value of it! Each part of my body is extremely useful or will be someday. My body is not perfect but it is perfect for what it needs to do. My legs aren’t sculpted but they take me everywhere and I am so blessed to have legs that don’t ache and can move when I need them to! My feet may be callused, which can appear unattractive but they have walked on land all over this world and been put into the sand on beaches on many different coasts. My arms may jiggle a little bit but because of them I can give hugs of comfort and hold a baby. I am so grateful for my arms! The part of my body that took the longest to accept was my stomach. Then I remember all those times I made baked goods for others (that I had to taste test, of course) and the many times I have laughed with my friends while eating ice cream or going to Taco Bell more times than a human should. Those good times are worth more to me than a model thin stomach (which isn’t flattering or healthy anyway!) At times I may nit pick at my body but then I realize how much more credit I need to give to my body and be more grateful for what my body can do than critical for what my body looks like.
After I had written this I found this youtube video that pretty much sums up what I said above. Also, it is Amy Poehler and who doesn’t love her?
I learned a quote from a friend that said, “comparison is the thief of joy.” I believe this is true in everything we do, not just regarding our bodies. We need to learn to be happy with our accomplishments and happy with ourselves. And to be honest, there may be some things that we aren’t good at but that is perfectly fine! After hearing this quote and trying my best to not compare I have learned to love myself more and accept my strengths and weaknesses. Of course I won’t be perfect but the longer you try the easier it becomes.
Another quote I really love is from my favorite movie, Bridesmaids. “You are your own problem, but you are also your own solution.” I have gone through many trying times but one of those times I found this quote to be true. I had just gotten dumped “hard core” as I like to say. I had been depressed for a couple weeks trying to get over what happened. I remember the day I decided to be my own solution. It was February 14th, yeah, Valentine’s Day. I was nervous the night before that this would be a horrible day having been newly single and then I would have to watch everyone be all happy and lovey dovey with each other. I woke up Valentine’s Day morning and decided I was going to smile through the pain and I was going to have an amazing day. I kept telling myself that and it worked! That was the day that I began to get over the breakup. Of course I still had tears after that because my heart wasn’t fully healed but I felt so much better. You, and only you, can change your attitude, which has such an impact on how you feel about yourself. So, I challenge you to stop comparing, be your own solution, and learn to find the good in yourself, because we all have many wonderful things to offer.

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