Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Photography By Brindisi

"All three of these images represent and show confidence, success, and happiness. These are three things that are crucial in a young woman’s life. Confidence is a hard thing to achieve, but once it is mastered it is a quality that will never be forgotten. Happiness is a vital quality in a person’s life. It is the key to finding success and confidence. Happiness creates wonderful young women that can and will do anything they set their minds to. All three of these images portray an essence of all three of these traits. I wanted to capture something that we all want and strive for. Overall, these images do just that."

Book Art By Ella Sampson

"Too often, people all over judge others on their appearance. You see it in magazines, online, on TV, at school and in your day to day life. They believe that being beautiful is judged on your appearance. Even we are guilty of having judged someone we just met on how they appear to us. This is not right. Do not judge a book by its cover. We realized that beautiful does not mean how pretty you are. It is really who you are that makes you beautiful. If you look close enough, everyone can have a certain light inside them that makes them beautiful."

Design By Colin Eadie

"Women of the World Unite."

Photography By Katelyn Bell Photography

" This photograph is one that I think goes perfect with the Crown Project. We all go through trials that will stain our pasts. To me this photograph shows that EVERYONE struggles, even people who we think are perfect and have everything. One of my favorite quotes that I think goes well with this is by Plato: " Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."


Fiber Art By Amanda Wright

"Who You Are."

Photography By  Brookes McFadden Photography

"The concept of notable expressions ... Simply embracing what enlivens your soul allows someone to be themselves, avoid unwanted changes, and retain personal values defending against outside influences and inner doubts. As the subject accepts the natural bliss of the environment, hopefully others will be provoked in their thoughts to apply this concept. The brightest focus is not the subjects face. The light focuses as an outline to display the subject's body language. The expression of the photo attempts to detract from the glamor, while still allowing beauty to flow through the light, in order to focus on the radiance surrounding the subject. As others see this photo and ask, "Who is this is?" or "Why is she in the rain?" They will dwell on the brilliance that envelops the air. I hope people apply themselves to the photo and ask, "Am I standing out, because I'm being me?" Embrace your talents and hobbies and and be willing to let your voice outline who you are as the light and expression define the subject in the photo. While the subject is not in an all out rain dance she is contained. When replacing the subject with yourself, how are you taking the opportunity for others to see your brilliance? "

 Photography and Makeup By Rachelle Beagley

"Beauty is the illumination of your soul."

 Photography By Kristopher Orr

"The women that I shoot are often real people, with real jobs, real emotions, and real personalities. It is rare that I shoot career models. Therefore there is this whole other story I am telling with my shots. I am not selling a product, I am sharing the subject. I want you to know them for who they are. I want my photos to be natural and honest. All of the women in these photos are my friends and are truly and naturally beautiful both inward and outward appearance and also personality and spirit."

 Design By Helen Mask Illustration

"I created this piece for the Crown Project in titled " Pluck." Pluck is about having courage, being determined and having a lot of heart. I think it is sad to see those who have gotten show down for how they look or for their gender. So this piece I hope speaks to you be confident, be strong, don't let others shoot you down, pull those arrows of pain and hurt out and give your heart wings to fly. You should be proud and love who you are."

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