Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ART SUBMISSION- Melissa Jade Photography


The worth of a woman!
Self worth and self esteem
The world I live in today is far from the one I was raised up in....

Society view women as part of a trophy cabinet. Young women worldwide are influenced by what they see, hear and read. They're misguided to a false perception of what real " Self Esteem & Self Worth " mean. They mistaken revealing tops and low cut skirts as pure beauty, they mistaken inappropriate language as acceptable, and disrespect as modesty. Without understanding the value of individual worth, Women lose the battle to be everything they're meant to be... A WOMAN

My images portray what women want without selling themselves to achieve. I tried to capture that power is gained through the beauty of self esteem. My photography allows me the ability to freeze in time self worth in action. Beauty is natural and all that comes with it are natural appendages. Beauty can't be sold or mistaken rather it stands for everything and everyone who cannot stand up for themselves.


THANK YOU MELISSA JADE PHOTOGRAPHY FOR YOUR ART SUBMISSION. We appreciate people sending in their interpretations of self worth! Thanks for sharing your talent with our organization.

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