Friday, November 30, 2012


                      WRITER: KRYSTAL NIELSON
How special is a single red rose?
The beauty like a goddess,
the smell so perfect,
all bounded together by soft petals,
guarded by its thorns from any harm.

Oh how everyone would like to be a red rose,
but sadly most of us are white daisies.
not as perfect as a red rose,
nor as admired as a red rose,
sadly most of us are daisies.

Daisies should understand,
truly how beautiful they are.
Their pure white color shows holiness,
petals stretched out and the smell so sweet,
so simple, so innocent, so complete.

Be your own kind of beautiful,
don’t go with the crowd,
show how special you are.
You are perfect in His eyes,
even if you’re not a red rose.

Be your own kind of daisy,
far off from the rest.
We all have imperfections,
but we are different by that.
Even if you are a red rose.

How special is a single white daisy?
Beautiful in God’s eyes,
even if we make mistakes,
all bounded together by such great  love,
guarded by God from any harm.

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